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a room of doom

Do you have a "doom room" in your house?

What's a "doom room", you ask? It's a "catch all" room or a room in your home where random stuff accumulates because you don't want to deal with it or don't have a place for it, etc.

A "doom room" is a room that stays that way - cluttered and disorganized - for long stretches of time. Until, one day, you decide you've had enough of the suffocating clutter and the shame of the hidden, messy space, and you force yourself to spend the day (or weekend) dealing with it.

a disorganized and cluttered room

If you have a doom room in your home, then you may struggle with any (or all) of the following:

  • task activation/procrastination;

  • ADD / ADHD;

  • poor organizational skills;

  • task completion;

  • impulsivity;

  • overeating; and

  • MORE!

The good news is that there are some behavioral changes you (and I) can make to decrease the likelihood of Doom Rooms in our homes.

Here are a few changes I'm making that are helping me break-up with my doom room:

  1. "DON'T PUT IT DOWN. PUT IT AWAY" I repeat this mantra to myself multiple times, daily. Often stuff lands in the "doom room" because I fail to immediately put it away or do not have a dedicated place for it. I stick whatever it is in the room instead of back in its place or until I can find it a home, and there it stays. Repeating this simple mantra and having a dedicated place for the things minimizes the likelihood that those things get stashed in the room of doom.

  2. REGULARLY INVITING GUESTS OVER You may laugh, but inviting people outside of our immediate family to visit our home helps motivate me to keep a neater home and a readily available guest room!

  3. PURGING THE JUNK Sometimes, stuff ends up in the doom room because we don't need it anymore or we're not using it. Prioritizing purging, donating or selling - the items that we're not using is helpful and, sometimes, even profitable.

Are there changes that you've made to your habits and lifestyle that are helping you avoid the "Doom Room"? If so, I'd love for you to share them with me in the comments.



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