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how are you aging?

Since turning 40, but most especially in the last two weeks, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how desperate I am to age well.

Because somehow - now that I’m 44 - 65 or 70, or even 80 year old, doesn't feel THAT old (nor that far off).

Every day now seems to move faster than the next.

Years fly by with still so many things left undone; experiences not taken, adventures not had.

Time - a construct that once felt infinite - now feels finite and much more precious.

These days, I wake up each morning with a nagging urgency to "get my house in order" and to maximize the years that I have left on this earth.

To stay healthy.

To stay strong.

To stay autonomous.

And, to leave an impact.

It's true, for much of my life, I’ve taken aging for granted.

No one in their twenties or thirties wants to think, much less talk about growing older, but at some point - perhaps in mid-life - reality hits us in the face:

Aging is unavoidable at worst, and a gift at best.

Much of aging can feel (and is) out of our control. And, this can make a control freak like me pretty anxious - even feeling, sometimes, like maybe I'm living on borrowed time. Yikes.

So, instead, I choose to focus on the aspect of aging that I CAN control (at least in some part), and that's the QUALITY of the life that I live as I age. While luck, genetics, and environment still play hefty roles in aging, so too do the CHOICES that I make as I age.

I’ve learned first-hand how much prioritizing a healthy diet, getting daily movement, scheduling regular check-ups with my doctor, and surrounding myself with a supportive network of friends/family can, has, and will help improve my odds of experiencing less pain, greater mobility, improved mental health, and more autonomy as I age.

And, yes, it’s true that none of us can entirely control our fate, nor can we guarantee that - even if we make the best choices ever - that we will live to see retirement, much less a centennial birthday, but we CAN make choices and create habits - even starting as late as mid-life - that give us the BEST CHANCE of living our longest and healthiest life full of purpose, passion, adventure, and, hopefully, joy.

And, end the end, isn’t that what we all want … the BEST CHANCE to LIVE the longest, fullest life?

three women smiling and looking at the camera

<<< This photo is circa 2015, and it's one of my favorite photos with both of my Grandmothers. Both incredible women played active and important roles in my life well into my adulthood - a gift not many can claim. I'm so grateful that they aged so beautifully ... each well into her 90s.



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