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battling seasonal depression or a bad case of the winter blues?

HOW ARE YOU? I mean, really?

And, don't you dare answer 'fine', if that's not the truth.

Cause, I'll be honest with ya ... the seasonal affective disorder has been very very real over here.

I have a history of depression but it’s been well-managed for a while now. Even so, when the temps drop and the days get shorter/darker, sometimes my SAD doldrums hit me with a vengeance:

Lethargy. Moodiness. Withdrawal. Lack of focus. Weight gain.

And, this winter 2023/2024 was/is definitely one of those years for me ... so, I'm just checking in:

How the heck are YOU? Are you battling the symptoms of seasonal depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder? Drop a comment or send me a message and check-in.

woman with seasonal affective disorder and seasonal depression

If you're struggling with the winter blues, then know you're not alone and that change is on the horizon. The days are already getting longer and warmer, and the promise of an early spring is in the air.

What signs of spring are blooming in your area? Here in NC, the daffodils are already starting to bloom.

**If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or having thoughts of suicide, CLICK HERE or call/text the suicide help line at 988 TODAY. The help you need is on the other end of the line. Make the call. You are worth it.



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