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tomatoes :: a still life

I will have a full day outside of the house today, but we also have ~18 pounds of tomatoes that need to be prepped and canned. So, first thing this morning, I got busy blanching them.

And, in the quiet of the morning, peeling the skin off hot tomatoes, I thought about some of the valuable life lessons that this process (and growing tomatoes, in general) revealed.

a bowl of peeled tomatoes

Here are 10 surprising life lessons I had while peeling, prepping and canning tomatoes this morning:

  1. LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. Even the tomatoes that are the most beautiful on the outside can be crazy damaged on the inside.

  2. EVERYONE HAS A BOILING POINT but the ones that crack first tend to be the least damaged on the inside.

  3. EVEN THE THICKEST SKIN WILL BRUISE when treated carelessly.

  4. NEGLECT will lead to spoil and rot.

  5. THE QUALITY OF THE SOIL THEY'RE GROWN IN MATTERS. Bad soil = slow or no growth, and less fruit.

  6. VARIETY CREATES RICHER FLAVOR. Flavors are richer when all varieties are thrown in the pot together.

  7. ONE BAD SPOT DOESN'T MEAN A TOTAL LOSS. But, the bad spot has to be dealt with first; excised or healed.

  8. UNDERNEATH THE SKIN they’re all vulnerable and complex.

  9. RED, YELLOW OR GREEN: color doesn’t limit one’s purpose or worth.

  10. SIZE AND SHAPE DON'T MATTER. But, no, really!! ;)



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