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new year resolution FAIL!

Well folks, we're halfway through January. How are your new year resolutions going?

I'll be honest . . . mine have kinda gone to s*%t. I'm distracted and off-track.

a woman with a grimace on her face

There have been so many fun and new adventures already this year - plus crazy cold weather - and...

  • I haven't gotten outside for my regular walks.

  • I'm spending a lot more time sitting.

  • I'm drinking less water.

  • I'm not getting in my weekly strength training sessions.

And, you know what - I can FEEL it and I HATE the way it feels.

But, you know what else?

For once, I'm not beating myself up. I don't believe I'm broken, weak or a failure for getting distracted or busy or even slightly off-track. I'm an imperfect human - just like you!

But - and this is how I know my habits have truly changed - I'm not dodging my responsibility either - instead, I'm owning it!

I made different choices and I'm seeing different results because of those choices that I made.

Do I love the physical results of my most recent choices? No.

But, do I know that I have the ability to quickly create different results simply by making the next best choice? Abso-freakin-lutely (yes)! Because I am both the cause of and solution to this current challenge.

And, how powerful is that?!?

So, today - halfway through January - I'm focused on simply making the next best choice . . . on repeat!

Who's with me??

If you're struggling and need more support getting started and staying focused on your goals, then reach out I'd love to cheer you on!



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