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filled with dread :: restarting a daily workout routine

UGH. Does the idea of restarting a daily workout routine fill you with dread??

Because, I've been DREADING my first post-holidays workout because:

I knew it would be hard.

I knew I would feel weak.

I knew I would be mad at myself the whole time for letting my progress slip.

For nearly a month, I have put off my workouts. I have allowed the dread of a restart to keep me paralyzed and stuck. And because I didn't want to face the struggle and pain of restarting my workouts, I made excuses. Excuses like these:

EXCUSE: "We've been traveling a lot" [TRUTH: Even though I was traveling, I was prepared for a workout. I packed my workout clothes and weights every time, and my workouts are all available online.]

EXCUSE: "We just got a puppy and aren't in a normal routine" [TRUTH: Even with the introduction of the puppy into our routine, there has still been plenty of time in the day to add a quick workout.]

These excuses did nothing other than build up restarting until it felt like a Herculean task, which only amplified my dread, created resistance, and cost me ... time - the most precious of life's commodities.

Finally, I decided that I was done making excuses and was ready to "just do it".

I reminded myself that if my fitness - my health - is going to remain a priority to me, then it is time to get back into the swing of things - even if it was hard, painful or overwhelming because I will feel better when I take care of myself and when my body is strong. And, most importantly, because I am worth the effort.

So, after a month of excuses and "time off"... I got back at it with a simple 30 minute strength workout.

I scaled back on the weight.

I lowered my personal expectations.

I fought the urge to quit.

And, you know what? My workout WAS hard. I DID feel weak and I WAS mad at myself for letting my progress slip.

BUT you know what else? Because I decided to get back into action today...I know that tomorrow WILL be a little easier. I WILL feel a little stronger, and I WILL feel like I'm making progress again!

a woman holding a dumbbell weight

 And THAT feels so good!  

Today, I challenge YOU to ask yourself:

  • What are you avoiding because you're dreading a restart or anxious about the struggle?

  • What small step can you take today to get back at it and build a brighter tomorrow?



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